How to Start a Successful Blog

Start Successful Blog and Make Money Blogging

This is a straight forward and short guide about the easiest way how to create a successful blog site.
First essential thing prior to everything else is to get proper hosting for you brand-new website.
Option of webhosting service providers is too huge so I can provide the only few that I suggest.

These 3 will certainly do it for any kind of blog site or web site and are most likely the cheapest and  reliable web host.

After register and getting your account active, the next step is to purchase a domain. Buying a domain is simple and the majority of the times it can be bought within your hosting company, however I generally buy the new domains from or their auction getting high quality aged domains, NameCheap or SnapNames. You can host your web site with Godaddy also or either move it to the any host company you want.

How to find the authority and aged domains

When the domain is associated with your account, you can go on install WordPress. Its the easy to use and most popular site builder on the internet. But you can use any other platform that would better suit your needs and requirements (Drupal, Joomla, Wiki, HTML coded etc.)

Here is how to install the site builder on your domain. When you log in to your webhosting account -> cPanel -> Scripts or web site builders. Everything else is dead easy to follow.

So just to recap everything:

Get Hosting
Buy a domain, transfer it and set the name servers
Set up WordPress or any other website platform

These are the most crucial 3 steps you need to begin with.

As soon as you have all of these done in one place, we can move on with installing the appropriate website theme and must have WordPress plugins.

Here are the FREE plugins that you should have installed in order to properly set up your new blog or website.

  1. All in One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast
  2. Google XML sitemaps
  3. WP Super Cache or Quick Cache plugin
  4. Social share buttons
  5. Akismet

I won’t describe what all the plugins are good for as you can find the details from their installation snippet, you just click view the details and that’s it.

Again, these are FREE tools that are highly recommended to have. There are also the different and paid versions of plugins, which usually come with better features and advantages, but if you are a beginner and want to start cheap, go for free versions. Once your blog start growing and generating some revenue, you can get the paid plugins.

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