Should I Do Baby Umbilical Cord Blood Banking?

... Should I Do Baby Umbilical Cord Blood Banking?" />

should I do cord blood bankingThe term “cord blood banking” is getting popular these days. If you’re pregnant then you might have considered it an option along with all the other ways of keeping your baby’s life safe. Now parents have become more conscious and take all the measures required for their baby’s safety. From plugging up the electrical sockets to car seat research, they want everything to be perfect. The overly conscious expectant parents are now choosing a new way that can protect their children further from life-taking diseases, the umbilical cord blood banking. But should you bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood? Or not, that is a big question.

Why to Bank Umbilical Cord Blood

The process of storing the cord blood which usually gets thrown away at birth is known as cord blood banking. Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells which are considered as life-saving cells, the building block of the human body. These stem cells can transform into any cells of human body. These cells are reproductive and help to build up the immune system of human body. These stem cells are mostly used in cell transplantation. Diseases like – some sorts of cancer, other diseases like-leukemia, require such stem cell transplants. So cord blood is stored as the potential lifesaver cells which can be used for your children, their siblings or even their relatives if they ever fall ill with such diseases in future.

How to bank your baby’s cord blood

Umbilical cord blood can be stored in two ways- cord blood public bank or for the purpose of donation and private banking for the purpose of storing it for your own child. If you donate your baby’s cord blood to any public bank, you don’t need to make any payment for that. The bank will keep it stored and give it to some patient and the entire process will be anonymous from both sides. If you give it to the public bank, you can’t claim for it further even if you need it or even if your baby gets sick. Private Banks do charge for keeping the cord blood for personal use.

Banking your baby’s cord blood is a good and secure option for your baby’s future. But banking it privately involves a huge deal of money investment. The future is unpredictable. None of us knows what’s going to happen in future. So whether you’re baby is going to have such illness where he’ll require cord blood or not is uncertain. According to some Gynecologists, They do not forbid people for storing cord blood, but they do not encourage them either because according to them, the odds that the stored blood will be used in future is too low and it also involves a great deal of money.

The answer to the question, Should I do cord blood banking is clearly the cost. The cord blood is one of the most expensive health insurance policy, most of the people cannot afford it. So they do not choose to store their baby’s cord blood privately. On the other hand, people who can afford it, store it for their baby for the future use. So the banking process depends highly on one’s income.

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